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PADI Forms available in various Languages

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  PADI Medical Form - ARABIC Arabic   PADI Medical Form - HUNGARIAN Hungarian

PADI Medical Form - CZECH Czech   PADI Medical Form - ITALIAN Italian
  PADI Medical Form - CHINESE Chinese   PADI Medical Form - JAPANESE Japanese
  PADI Medical Form - DANISH Danish   PADI Medical Form - KOREAN Korean
  PADI Medical Form - DUTCH Dutch   PADI Medical Form - NORWEGIAN Norwegian
  PADI Medical Form ENGLISH English   PADI Medical Form - POLISH Polish
  PADI Medical Form - ESTONIAN Estonian   PADI Medical Form - PORTUGUESE Portuguese
  PADI Medical Form - FAROESE Faroese   PADI Medical Form - RUSSIAN Russian
  PADI Medical Form - FRENCH French   PADI Medical Form - SPANISH Spanish
  PADI Medical Form - FINNISH Finnish   PADI Medical Form - SWEDISH Swedish
  PADI Medical Form - GERMAN German   PADI Medical Form - THAI Thai
  PADI Medical Form - GREEK Greek   PADI Medical Form - TURKISH Turkish


Medical Considerations for Diving:

If you have any health concerns about diving, pre-existing medical conditions and/or will be taking any medication whilst on holiday, please download the PADI Medical Form and discuss and complete with your doctor or physician before signing up for any dive courses. The form includes guidelines that enable physicians who are not familiar with scuba diving to make informed decisions about your fitness to dive.

All students are required to complete the PADI Medical Form before enrolling on any PADI scuba diving course. If you can answer ‘No’ to every question then you do not require a physician’s examination or approval to start a dive course.
If you answer ‘Yes’ to any question(s), we require the PADI Medical Form to be completed and signed by your doctor in order for you to enrol on a PADI dive course.



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