When to Come

Ko Lanta is a great year-round holiday destination.


Information on When to Come

There are 3 main tourist seasons here on the west coast of Thailand.

High Season

November – Mid December February – April

Peak Season

Mid December- January


Low Season

May – October


Scubafish offers daily diving and snorkelling trips all year.

Quick Overview



March and April.




May and September, although being the tropics we can get quick bursts rainfall at any time even in the peak and high seasons.



Probably at it’s best in February, June, July and August.



Whalesharks and Manta Rays

There is no set season for whalesharks and manta ray sightings around the Lanta sites. You are most likely to see manta rays at Hin Daeng & Hin Muang between December and March. Whalesharks are spotted on a monthly basis throughout the entire year at both Hin Daeng & Hin Muang as well as at Ko Haa.



The least expensive time to dive and stay on Ko Lanta is during the low season. Many resorts offer special reduced rates, and the National Marine Park Fee of 200 THB per person per day is not payable during the low season. You will also benefit from there being fewer divers and the visibility is often at its very best.

The most expensive time to visit Ko Lanta is during our peak season. If you plan to visit between mid- December until the end of January be sure to book some months in advance, so as to maximise your resort choices. It is generally a good idea to book your dives in advance if you have specific dive sites in mind so as to avoid any disappointment.



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