Liquid Lense Underwater Photography & Videography

Take an underwater photography course or underwater videography course with Liquid Lense and add another dimension to your diving as you learn how to create inspiring underwater images in no time at all


Ko Lanta’s dive sites offer perfect conditions for underwater photography & videography. With calm conditions, spectacular reefs, great visibility and a wide diversity of marine life, there are plenty of photogenic subjects to practice your underwater photography techniques on – from very small macro-life, right up to occasional sightings of Manta Rays & Whale Sharks.


At Liquid Lense, we are passionate about producing inspiring images and great underwater footage of our underwater world, from the giants of the ocean right down to the smallest underwater species. We also know from experience that it is even more rewarding to actually capture images for yourself! Allow us to share our knowledge and experience with you so that you can create great underwater images for yourself and in turn, inspire & educate others in the wonders of our underwater world.

With its quick results and lower costs, the digital revolution is making underwater photography and video the perfect underwater hobby for those wanting more from their diving.

Liquid Lense, operating in partnership with Scubafish believe everyone has a creative side, and have developed a custom-range of underwater digital photography and videography courses to help you get inspired and unlock your creative potential.

Check out our range of specially-designed underwater digital photography courses here. Using our personal experience we have developed course for all levels and tastes – whether it’s your first time, you already own a camera and take underwater images, are wanting to work on a specific technique, or are looking at underwater photography as a career we have you covered!

Check out our range of specially-designed underwater digital videography courses here. Liquid Lense video courses were designed through our own trial and error experience in learning this art; we made the mistakes so you don’t have to! Whether it’s your first time, a keen videographer with your own equipment, or you are looking at becoming the next National Geographic underwater videographer we offer course for everyone!

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