PADI Scuba Review

Make sure you enjoy your next dive to the full – update your dive knowledge and skills with the PADI Scuba Review.


Whether you are a certified PADI Diver or certified through another organization, the Scuba Review program is a great way to tune up your diving knowledge and skills and get you back in the water feeling comfortable and confident. PADI recommends that any diver who has not dived for 1 year or more consider the PADI Scuba Review.


Age 10+, Boat + 15 minutes of your dive


This option is ideal for those certified divers with quite a lot of dives or confidence, and for those who have had a shorter break from diving. Carried out on the boat journey and at the start of your first dive, this option refreshes the fundamental skills and equipment set-up and takes no additional time out of your holiday fun.

Age 10+, Pool, 2-3 hours


This option is a more thorough Scuba Review for those who have had a longer break from diving, or are lacking in confidence. You will review your diving knowledge, and basic safety principles with a short quiz, before moving to one of our resort pools to brush up on all 20 scuba skills covered in the Open Water Course.

Age 10+, Boat/Pool


This option allows you to cover the knowledge section of the scuba review at home online before you come away. You then pick which of the in-water options you feel best suits your requirements.




Compare Scuba Review Options


Scuba Refresher

Age 10+, 2 days

950 THB

  • Good option if you are confident, have a fair amount of experience but have had a period of inactivity from diving
  • Conducted on the boat, and at the start of first dive
  • Step by step reminder on equipment set-up, dissembly and care
  • Knowledge Review: A brief quiz to get you thinking about basic scuba safety info.
  • Scuba Skills: Review the core fundamental skills on a shallow patch of sand (5 m)

Most Popular Choice

PADI Scuba Review

Age 10+, 2.5 days

1,500 THB

  • Ideal if it’s been a long period of inactivity from diving, or you are less confident
  • Conducted in the pool
  • Step by step reminder on equipment set-up, dissembly and care
  • Knowledge Review: work through the Scuba Tune Up booklet and review basic scuba safety info with your instructor or divemaster
  • Scuba Skills: Review the full set of 20 skills taught in entry-level training

PADI eScuba Tune Up

Age 10+, 3-4 days

8501,250 THB


  • Complete the Knowledge Review portion of the course online at home before your holiday
  • Choose to complete the skills portion of the programme from the boat or in the pool
  • Step by step reminder on equipment set-up, dissembly and care


With guidance from one of our instructors or Divemasters, you’ll remind yourself of the key safety information and fine-tune your diving skills.

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