Advanced & Specialties

PADI Advanced & Specialties - Continuing Education Dive Courses

Take your diving to the next level and extend your scuba skills to get more out of every dive you make. With a huge range of fun and exciting dives to choose from, these courses offer something for everyone.


Refresh your scuba diving knowledge and skills. Re-acquaint yourself with the scuba knowledge you learned during your initial training and practice fundamental skills in a pool or a shallow area in the sea. You’ll be back to feeling refreshed and comfortable underwater in less than a day.

Take your diving to the next level with the PADI Advanced and Adventure diver courses. With a huge range of fun and exciting dives to choose from, these courses offer something for everyone and are a great way to increase your confidence and extend or improve the scope of your diving.

Gain a more significant level of training and experience in a specific or specialized type of diving or dive environment. Specialty courses offer you the opportunity to explore specific techniques no matter how varied your interests – the most popular options are Enriched Air Nitrox, Deep and Photo.

The PADI Advanced and Specialty courses are modular, so you can build your dives towards certifications. Each Adventure Dive counts as the first dive towards your Specialty Diver rating. Make 3 Adventure Dives and get certified as an Adventure Diver, make 5 Adventures Dives and you can become a PADI Advanced Diver.


If reaching greater depths is your thing – compare different PADI certifications:


Max Depth: 18m

Max Depth: 30m

Max Depth: 40m


Get certified to dive to 30m with the PADI Deep Adventure Dive

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